Chase River

Just a few minutes drive from Downtown Nanaimo, Chase River lies along the southern edge of the city, along the Nanaimo River Estuary. Historically, the area was predominantly rural with nearby industrial land use.

Over the recent years, there has been a boom in new construction. Local retail stores have also come into the area to service the growing population. For most residents, amenities are only accessible by car as the area is not very walkable and the bus service is poor. For schools, Chase River Elementary is a local option, but it’s a long commute to John Barsby Secondary for high school.

Chase River is connected to the Nanaimo Parkway System, and has park access to nearby estuaries, the Colliery Dams, and Extension Ridge. There are great opportunities for hiking, and biking. At Extension Ridge, you can check out the petroglyphs and the locally famous “Abyss” – a locally famous earthquake fissure in the ground.

Chase River presents an opportunity to live in a new subdivision or build on larger lots that are more affordable than elsewhere in Nanaimo. With the recent activity and development plans for the area, this is one of the few major growth corridors left in the City, and local amenities will continue to improve as the area develops.