Departure Bay

A hillside rising up from the bay provides most of the neighborhood with ocean view. The housing options run the full gamut: modest split-levels, apartments, and duplexes abound. As well, Sugarloaf Mountain has many higher end homes perched on rock bluffs overlooking the area.

The bay looks out over the BC Ferries terminal, and many of the boats from the Nanaimo Harbor pass by here with Newcastle Island as the backdrop. The rocky beach offers a perfect walking path to Kin Park which is perfect for evening strolls, collecting shells, or just sitting and looking out over the water. If you’re feeling adventurous, the annual Polar Bear Swim is hosted here in December.

Elementary School options include Cilaire, Departure Bay, and Rock City so there is always one within walking distance, and Wellington Secondary is a short walk or bus ride away. The bus service here is pretty good with the Country Club bus hub nearby.

There is a neighborhood convenience store near the water, as well as a few restaurants and small shops. It’s just a short drive away from the major shopping centers: Country Club Centre and Brooks Landing, where you can take care of most shopping needs.

House prices in Departure Bay are still more affordable than other parts of the city, you can definitely raise a family here. Also, this is a great place to retire, offering a slower paced lifestyle. The view of the bay and beyond is beautiful and there is a lot to see and do while providing quiet tranquil living.