Hammond Bay

Hammond Bay Road runs along the ocean side of the hills separating the Hammond Bay neighborhood from the rest of Central Nanaimo. Traffic calmed streets feed off of Hammond Bay, creating hillside homes with stunning ocean views and the coastal mountain ranges as the backdrop.

Homes in the area are generally larger, and more luxurious than the typical family home, and are built to take advantage of the awesome scenery. There is a pleasant mix of older newer homes. Despite the increasing density of newer subdivisions, care has been taken to preserve the natural foliage while providing the ocean views for residents.

With newer homes, the lots are usually heavily sloped, or have small yards due to the use of retaining walls. Older homes in the area will offer larger lots than those in the newer developments.

The nearest convenience stores are 5 km away in either direction from the center of Hammond Bay. Walkability is low, due to the lack of raised sidewalks along much of the road which is winding and steep in places. Bus service is available along Hammond Bay, though riders have long wait times, and poor connection options.

The area is serviced by Hammond Bay Elementary and Frank Ney Elementary, but the commute to Dover Bay or Wellington high schools is further. Hammond Bay is consistently ranked as a top elementary school in Nanaimo. The geographical separation from the rest of the city can be inconvenient for families and young professionals, but makes it calmer and more serene than other parts of the city.

What the neighbourhood lacks in shopping convenience it makes up for in park space. Linley Valley, and Harry Whipper Park offer trail networks and playing fields while Neck Point, Pipers Lagoon, Eagle Point are on the water side, offering their own beaches for exploring. While proximity to shopping and the rest of the city can be the real drawback to the area, Hammond Bay is a gem in Nanaimo if it fits your lifestyle. The careful conservation of naturalized areas, and mature trees, make the views here unrivaled.