North Nanaimo

The area has a large proportion of commercial business including Woodgrove Centre which is one of the largest shopping centers on Vancouver Island. The area is quite built up, but development potential is constrained by the city limits and the town of Lantzville to the north.

North Nanaimo has some of the city’s most desirable subdivisions, and retirement complexes. Many homes here have ocean view, and there is a variety of home styles, and ages. Landscaping and municipal improvements are well maintained.

The area is very walkable, and considered safer than other areas of Nanaimo as the higher property values provide separation from some of the poverty related issues in the South end. Bus service is available with Woodgrove Center as a major bus hub, but long commute times to other areas of the City, including the University, proves a major drawback for riders. Service frequency is also an issue.

Most homes are within walking distance to McGirr and Randerson Ridge Elementary schools, and Dover Bay High School. These are thought to be some of the better schools in the district.

Despite all the amenities the neighborhood has to offer, the uncrowded, sandy beaches of North Nanaimo are perhaps the best-kept secret. With the array of homes in the area, North Nanaimo may have the perfect home for you.