South Jingle Pot

The South Jingle Pot area is a great place to find quiet semi-rural acreages and fully urbanized subdivisions that are not too far from the amenities in town. Right at the base of the mountain, higher elevations look out over South Nanaimo, the ocean and the coastal mountain range.

It is quite spread out, but up around Westwood Lake, you can find newer subdivisions. These areas are fairly walkable. Amenities include a convenience store, bowling alley, and pub all conveniently located. The Aquatic Center and Ice Center are located just across the highway, and are great swimming and skating facilities. The Aquatic Center is home to one of the largest wave pools in Western Canada, and has a café, child-minding services, meeting spaces, a swim shop, and a physiotherapy clinic.

Further along Jingle Pot Road, it becomes more rural and the lot sizes are larger, and you can find lots of wooded areas to explore. Most amenities are a short drive away. As for schools, Mountainview Elementary, and Nanaimo District Secondary can be a bit of a trek from here if you have children, but the proximity to Vancouver Island University can pay off in the long run.

Living here, you might get the itch to climb Mount Benson. There are many ways up, usually taking around 4 hours round trip. The view at the top is worth it the climb. It is the highest point in Nanaimo, at over 1km above sea level, and you can overlook the entire city. At the base, there is a 7km trail that goes around Westwood Lake. It’s a popular destination for families, swimmers, walkers, bikers, and people with dogs. If we have a mild winter, you can go there year round. If you love the outdoors, or just enjoy a peaceful lifestyle, check this area out. It could be just what you’re looking for.