South Nanaimo

Situated right next to Downtown, South Nanaimo has many affordable options in a busy part of the city. There are multifamily units and single family homes built post-war, contemporary, and everything in between. You can find beautiful restored Victorian’s, or a fixer-upper. 

There are plenty of shops and restaurants in the area, as well as some industrial pockets, providing a fair amount of employment in the area. Many residents rely on public transit and walk or bicycle.  

For schools, Bayview, Fairview, and Park Avenue Elementary are the English options, and Ecole Pauline Haarer Elementary is the French immersion option. John Barsby is the high school for the area. Of course, Vancouver Island University offers post-secondary education, and has some alternatives to traditional high school classes.

Like other areas in the south end of town, this neighbourhood has had crime and poverty issues for a long time. Things are improving, but some locals fear that the gentrification in surrounding areas will put further pressure on the South end to deal with Nanaimo’s homeless problem.

Despite some concerns, the infrastructure in the area is improving. South Nanaimo is an increasingly interesting area for investors. With its proximity to the Downtown Core, the University, and the waterfront, many believe this area will be highly sought after in the near future.